Quality is never an accident...

How much money does it take to produce something good? It's a question we often hear. Believe it or not "money" is NOT the answer.

Our approach is based on what we refer to as the three T's; Time, Talent and Technology. "Anything good takes time" is cliche' to say the least but it is the truth. A great chef slow cooks his roast beef to achieve the perfect flavor.  The same is true for creative media production. Taking the Time to slow cook it, taking Time to experiment and allowing Time for creative ideas to develop will be rewarded with great results. Second to that is Talent. There is a big difference between an artist and a mechanic. The mechanic certainly knows how to get the job done but, the artist brings passion, style and a sense of taste to the project. The final ingredient is Technology. Staying on top of and being familiar with the latest technology is a constant challenge and we work daily to maintain the right balance to meet the needs of our clients and the demands of our projects to ensure that we deliver the best possible product every time.

About Us

Moving Canvas Media is a full service production company specializing in original creative concepts,

video, film and photography content for television and the web.

Moving Canvas Media


Our philosophy

Our mission is one of creative and technical contribution. We are not an ad agency although we do work for clients who need creative services but don't necessarily need agency representation. Rather, we are a full service creative and technical resource serving agencies all over the southeast with turn key solutions for film, video, print and photography.

Our base of operation is Evans, GA (home of the Masters Golf Tournament) but we are fully operational and mobile for world-wide opportunities.

In the last 30 years, we have  produced more than 20 thousand TV commercials, training/corporate videos and web videos for local, regional and national clients and that makes us uniquely qualified to meet and exceed your expectations.